Superior Two Bedroom Clyde Waterfront Apartment

How your apartment works

How to access the building

Using the fob/tab attached to the keys place this on the reader by the front door

How to work the heating

  • Located in the apartment hallway is a thermostat. Turn this and you will hear a "click" this indicates the room temperature. Set the temperature to what you wish.
  • In each room there is a control on each radiator panel. Turn this between * and 5. We recommend keeping it at 3 for a constant temperature.

Make sure you turn down the main thermostat when you are not in the apartment.


How to operate the hob / stove

Using the knobs at the front.

While pressing one down to create a *spark* turn the knob anti clockwise.

Release when ignited.

Turn to increase and decrease flame.

How to operate the dryer

Play Video for Instructions

  • Always take clothes out after washing , shake and return to the machine to then dry.
  • Turn the dial to the dry cycles
  • Select the dyer function with the touch buttons on the left
  • Press Start
  • Do not leave machine drying clothes when you are not in the apartment.