5 Crown Circus - Three Bedroom Apartment

How your apartment works

Where to take your waste

Take the keys with you.

Go down the stairs and out of the front door.

Turn left when you come out front door, walk to the end of Crown Circus, turn left again until you reach a lane which takes you behind the building.

You will see about 30 Green Wheelie Bins which the entire block of flats can use (you can look out rear windows in kitchen and bedroom and see them).

Please put your rubbish in one of these Wheelie Bins.

It is better to do this during daylight hours as it is not well lit.

How to work the heating

Located in the apartment Hallway is a thermostat. Turn this and you will hear a "click" this indicates the room temperature. Set the temperature to what you wish.

In each room there is a control on each radiator panel. Turn this between * and 5. We recommend keeping it at 3 for a constant temperature.

Make sure you turn down the main thermostat when you are not in the apartment.

How to Check Out

Check out by 11am:

Leave one set of keys in the apartment.

Lock the door and post the second set of keys through the mail slot on the door.