12 High Street - Two Bedroom Apartments

How your apartment works

How to access the building

Using the fob/tab attached to the keys place this on the reader by the front door

Where to take your waste

To empty rubbish from the apartment, the communal bin store can be found as described:

Take the keys with you.  Take the lift to the ground floor.

Exit the rear glass door to the courtyard

Turn left and go out of the glass door onto the rear courtyard – turn LEFT and you will see double grey doors immediately to your left (picture above).  The key with a coloured plastic cap opens the bin store door.  Inside you will see a light switch on the right hand wall – please switch it off when you leave.  You will need to use the key to gain access back into the building.

How to work the heating

Located in the apartment hallway is a thermostat. Turn this and you will hear a "click" this indicates the room temperature. Set the temperature to what you wish.

In each room there is a control on each radiator panel. Turn this between * and 5. We recommend keeping it at 3 for a constant temperature.

Make sure you turn down the main thermostat when you are not in the apartment.

How to work the Windows

WINDOWS operate on a “TILT” and “TURN” basis.

All handles MUST be in the closed position before attempting to open the window.
To tilt the window for ventilation, turn both side handles through 90 degrees, pointing inwards; then tilt the window in form the top.
All handles MUST be in the closed position before attempting to open the window.
To hinge the window open, (normally only for cleaning) turn the bottom and middle side handles through 90 degrees, pointing to the glass; then swing inwards.


How to operate the hob / stove

Using the knobs on the hob.

While pressing one down to create a *spark* turn the knob anti clockwise.

Release when ignited.

Turn to increase and decrease flame.

If this does not work please check wall switch marked "HOB" is in the on position.

How to Check Out

Check out by 11am:

Leave one set of keys in the apartment.

Lock the door and post the second set of keys back through the letterbox in the apartment door.

If you have booked Car Parking

Car Park Entrance is located to the rear of the building beside 21 Watson Street, G1 5AL

  • Car Parking Must be booked in advance (1 space per apartment)
  • Max Height 2.02m, spaces are a standard size.
  • Glasgow Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is in force. Click here for further information
  • When you check out we will give you instructions on how to return the parking fob.