101 Maxwell Street - Two Bedroom Apartment

How your apartment works

How to access the building

Using the fob/tab attached to the keys place this on the reader by the front door

How to work the heating

  • Located in the apartment hallway is a thermostat. The static number is the current temperature, if the display is blank press the on button. To set the tempreture Turn the dial and the flashing number shown is the tempreture you wish the apartment to be.
  • In each room there is a control on each radiator panel. Turn this between * and 5. We recommend keeping it at 3 for a constant temperature.

Make sure you turn down the hallway thermostat when you are not in the apartment.


How to operate the hob / stove

Using the knobs on the hob.

While pressing one down to create a *spark* turn the knob anti clockwise.

Release when ignited.

Turn to increase and decrease flame.

Where to take your waste

To empty waste from the apartment, the communal refuse store can be found as described: Take the lift to the basement (-1)

The key with the rubber cover accesses the basement. please remember to take this with you when going to the bin store.

When you enter the car park the bin store is located across the car park and up the ramp to the left behind the doors shown

How to Check Out

Check out by 11am:

  • Leave one set of keys in the apartment.
  • Lock the door and post the second set of keys back through the letterbox in the apartment door